A Geography of Memory & Imagination: Mapping, Collaging, and Writing

This fall I had the pleasure of co-teaching a class at Duke University’s OLLI Program with my good friend and artist Linda Margolin. Our students were engaged in creating maps, collages, and writing that explored topics of personnel importance. These vehicles helped students tell their stories and reflect their thinking.
The map was the structure used to travel beyond geography into the realm of self-expression, moving us from one place to another. Constructed and layered imagery focused our ideas, imagined or observed, as a personal aesthetic was developed. The written word deepened our exploration through point-of-view and voice.
The process of our creative efforts became a social act as we collaborated, responded critically, and reflected on each others work.
Linda and I are offering this course in the winter term at Duke OLLI Tuesdays 11am-12:30pm     September 8-November 3

With pride I  present some of our students work here. Check out Linda’s website to see her wonderful photographs.

Bonnie work


Bonnie work 2


Ann work

Jo Ann work

Jo work

Nancy work

Roz work