“No matter what a budding artist’s background, education, or point of view, he or she must ultimately go to a room and become an inventor. Only in quiet moments of struggle will both success and joy manifest themselves.”  Robert Genn

Students journaling photo by Annie Nashold, Artist, Durham, North Carolina

Students working in the Garden

 Art can be shared in many ways. Shows offer opportunities to  reveal and communicate ideas the artist has been living and  breathing with day by day. Feedback often opens new avenues or  strengthens existing pathways for the artist.

 Teaching is a magical experience where the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and feelings creates a bond between teacher, student, and the  work at hand. Working with children and adults has provided many moments of insight, challenge, and excitement.

 Being open encourages an expansive view which ripples through all aspects of my practice. I have recently enjoyed teaching at the  North Carolina Botanical Garden and OLLI at Duke University. I  have also had the privilege to guide several private students on  their journeys.