New Studio

” I would like to paint the way a bird sings” Claude Monet



A dedicated space for creating art has been a dream of mine for 40 years. It is curious how we can travel through life avoiding what is in our hearts. In the last three years, I have opened many doors and found the dream alive and waiting. My new studio became a reality this fall. Now I can spread out, work on several pieces at a time, and let the story unfold.



Pink Poppies


Join me and other local artists for the Watts Hillandale Art Walk, Sunday, November 9th,

12-6pm. Maybe you will get a glimpse of the new studio.

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3 comments on “New Studio
  1. Phyllis Vandenberg says:

    Keep up the dreaming. Love your art piece, and hope to come to the Art Walk in November.

  2. Ruth Pinnell says:

    Annie, I love seeing your new studio and even more, thinking about you in it. You are such an incredibly creative person, and that may be because your head and heart sing together. Your quote from Monet is my new inspiration for my own work.
    Love and good cheer,

  3. Congrats, Annie, on your new studio.. and perseverance! Looking forward to seeing your new creations, and the next chapters of your story, and heart, unfolding.

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