Along the Way

Roscoe Gazing, Mixed Media Painting by Annie Nashold, Durham NC artist

Roscoe Gazing

Another year has past and as I look ahead to 2014 many exciting possibilities arise. I have been working on my new web site with designer extraordinaire, Julie Holmes of Julie Holmes Design. After much encouragement, I am embarking on a blog about my art practice. I will present work, ideas, process,intentions, meditations, readings, inspiration, challenges, events, and whatever else seems worthy of noting.

I will look to you my friends and fellow travelers to comment, share, and let me know if I am going off the rails.

Here is my last mixed media painting of 2013. Roscoe Gazing was a gift to my husband, David in memory of our beloved Roscoe who passed away in May.

“If you work diligently…without saying to yourself beforehand, ‘ I want to make this or that,’ if you work as though you were making a pair of shoes, without artistic preoccupation, you will not always do well, but the days you least expect it, you will find a subject which holds its own with the work of those who have gone before us.” Vincent Van Gogh, Dear Theo

Please share with me what you would like to hear about from an artist working everyday.

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3 comments on “Along the Way
  1. Ginger says:

    Dearest Annie. I am looking forward to your art blog so very much. I love your work and I love you. So much love and layers and intriquing glue….

  2. Linda says:

    Oh Annie!
    What fun! I am looking forward to your blog. It’s a way to keep in touch, although I’d prefer to “do lunch” or paint together sometime soon.

  3. Frances Freedman says:

    What joy to go “Along the way with you.” Thank you for the invitation.

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